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February 9th, 2008

11:23 pm: classical!!
i didnt know where else to go with this

im looking for classical songs, something a little more upbeat. for example i have Orff's O Fortuna and am looking for similar things but dont know where to start.

so, could you upload some of your favorite classical songs (any composer), or albums, just anything at all. i love putting this music on in the background and getting lost in its brilliance

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January 15th, 2008

02:32 pm: my life in '08
to whom it concerns (basically to whoever actually reads this)

Life is good, school is almost done (2 classes this semester then hopefully niagara u next year for teachers), still in a great relationship (just past 1 year), and i havent completely lost my mind yet.

It is believed that men have to run their lives on routine, i believed this up to a couple of weeks ago. i used to live my life based on a schedule i had created for myself. Now i seem to do everything based on impulse. im not saying i dont use some of my routine habits but for the most part i seem to decide what i am doing based on how i feel. Initially this caused a lot of stress but now i'm enjoying it.

I still live my life based on my need for money. i wish this was not necessary but it is unavoidable. school next year will be 20,000 dollars...U.S. and i really have no interest in taking out a loan...so that means work work work...however there is no work right now so i am barely getting 4 hours a day. im thinking its time for a second job, possibly as a waiter or something that gets me tips.

i've also realized recently that ive lost touch with a lot of people. is it my fault? absolutely. was it avoidable? sure, but...i feel with some of them their lifestyle has begun to scare me. i can think of a few people that have got into drugs or just heavy drinking and altho i do not think that is bad b/c they can do what they want, i just feel that i cant let myself slip back into that. i used to be involved in that scene and it was fun, however it prevented me from enjoying life the way i wanted to live it. im glad i did it b/c it opened my mind, i see the world differently and i wish everyone could take this view, but i also went through i pretty severe depression after stopping the drugs. through research i have learned that it was my body withdrawing from the drug. after the depression tho i became happier then ive ever been. my life cant get any better then it is now, but i wish i didnt lose touch with some of my friends.

well i do have to get to class so if anyone actually reads this and would like to go for a drink...coffee, or beer to catch up or to just chat then let me know. if not i will be sending messages to random people to see how their lives are and make sure i dont lose touch with more.


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August 6th, 2007

04:33 pm: Muse Concert Review
I must have amazing luck this year. Every concert i have seen has been great. First the Tragically Hip, which i dont think they could ever put on a bad show. Next were the Killers who were decent, but nothing spectacular, i still had a good time. After was Roger Waters who was amazing. And just recently Chris Cornell who put on a great show.

on August 1st I saw Muse at Arrow Hall. I went to this show because my friend asked me to go and i honestly was not a huge fan of the band. i knew three songs and just wanted to hear those songs and then could care less about the rest of the show. When i left the show i was surprised to discover that Muse had become one of my favorite bands.

First, it was my first show at Arrow Hall and i was happy with the venue but pissed off about where it was (by the airport) and the wait it took to get in. The line to get in was almost an hour long. i just went back to the car and waited till it got shorter. i learned now not to get to the show early and just show up for the band i want to see. The venue itself was just a large convention centre with a stage at one side. i enjoyed it but my friends had complaints.

The show itself was awesome. the light show that the band put on was the best i had ever seen. at points i forgot there was a band on the stage b/c i spent my time watching the show behind them. It was funny b/c the three songs i wanted to see happened to be in the first 6 songs they played and it didnt bother me.

at one point the band had a grand piano brought on the stage. the piano had lights come out of it everytime they touched a key. that was pretty amazing.

overall the show was pretty amazing. i've found that all i have listened to since the show is Muse cd's. i have finally figured out how to post videos so you guys can enjoy the show too.

Time is Running Out


Maps of the Problematique


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July 21st, 2007

03:12 pm: one video at a time
this is from last night, chris cornell-doesn't remind me of anything/his b-day celebration

11:05 am: finally figured out videos!!!!
i have decided to upload my videos on youtube which means that i can post them here now :)

so i bring you concert videos:

Roger Waters - Brain Damage/Eclipse

that's all im going to post for now

07:42 am: Chris Cornell Concert Review
last night i saw Chris Cornell, formerly of Audioslave, formerly of Temple of the Dog, formerly of Soundgarden, presently himself. it was the first time i had seen a show at massey hall and all i can think is that it's the only venue that i was actually in love with. it is a venue created for music shows so the acoustics are perfect, the show is intimate (despite having 2,000 other people with you) and the history is unimaginable. when i first walked in i had to stop. i thought of all the great bands that have probably played here in the past, it gave me a chill. later on michelle and i were talking and i was listening to the conversation the people behind us were having and one guy said, "imagine being here in 1971 for neil young." i feel bad for michelle because at that moment i went silent and transported myself to the concert. this morning i woke up and i put on the neil young live at massey hall album and was like "i was there"

ok enough about the venue, on with the show. the opening band was...i guess the best word is interesting. definitly entertaining but i dont know whether their lead singer (a female that at random parts of the performance started humping the ground) was a singer or just some stripper they found at the strip club down yonge street. the band itself (excluding the lead singer) were pretty good, i just had to block her out of my vision/hearing which took a lot b/c its not everyday you see a girl humping a stage.

when chris came on the place was electric. everyone went crazy, i have seen nothing like it. normally when someone comes on there is one or two drunk guys that just stand up and go nuts, for chris it seemed the whole place went crazy. i dont remember the setlist at all but i do know he did a good job mixing up his new solo stuff with his old soundgarden/audioslave/temple of the dog stuff. he also did a good job balancing his set with a light song then two heavy songs or vice versa. it was like i was on a roller coaster ride, the heavy/rock songs brought me way up while the light songs brought it down a little but made me want more.

the songs that i do remember were great, he really did a good job. i dont really know his solo stuff, but from what i gathered from the crowd, neither did they, but i did enjoy them. i didnt think to myself "shit another solo song, why wont he play his old stuff instead of this garbage" instead i thought "this is good, im going to check it out when i get home"

audioslave was one of my favorite bands b/c it combined the greatness of rage against the machine with the lyrics and vocals of soundgarden. i was really worried because i didnt think the band he had assembled would compare to that of the rage boys, especially the guitar of tom morrello. i left the audioslave 2 years ago thinking i had just seen the greatest guitar player of my generation. i left this show thinking, the guitarist was meh. but how does one compare themselves to tom, its impossible. the band was decent and did an ok job.

i wont go through songs b/c there were just too many. some higlights for me was when he did show me how to live, hungerstrike, outshined, spoonman, and burden in my hand. tho, my absolute favorite part of the night was when the band left and chris grabbed his acoustic guitar and played 4 or 5 songs. that blew me away. if i remember correctly he did, fell on black days, billie jean and like a stone, along with some solo stuff. he finished the acoustic with doesn't remind me. half way through this the band came back with a birthday cake (it was chris' birthday) and surprised him. he managed to play through all this comotion and barely missed a note. after the commotion the band joined in on the song, which was pretty good.

he finished the night with black hole sun. i was kinda disapointed with this because when i saw audioslave he did this song acousticly, and this time he had the band. the acoustic version was much more impressive.

all in all the show was good, i was worried that after seeing roger waters, chris cornell would be awful but he held his own. it was a totally different show and was really enjoyable. was it better then audioslave? no because i am a bigger rage against the machine fan then i am of soundgarden but this show definetly brought back good memories of the show 2 years ago. i was thinking i should start rating my shows but then it would be like comparing them and that is not possible. how can you compare chris cornell to roger waters or roger waters to radiohead. all i do is i think whether i 1) got my moneys worth, 2) had a good time. the answer to both those questions is yes.

look out for my next concert review of the muse show on august 1st

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July 16th, 2007

06:07 pm: Review of Roger Waters concert
its been two days since i saw Roger Waters at the Rogers centre (still skydome to me). first let it be said that i spent 160 a ticket on this concert but to me it was completly worth every penny.

first my seats were 9th row, which is pretty damn good. but still not as great as you think. the seating arrangements were really stupid. i still was able to see him without binoculours and i got some good pics/videos.

for those who dont know roger waters is a lead singer from pink floyd, not the good one but still. he started the show with "in the flesh" which was amazing, followed it with "mother" which was a slow song that fit in fairly nice. next was "set the controls for the sun" which had some amazing graphics in the back and turned out to be a very enjoyable tune. the next songs were "shine on you crazy diamond" "have a cigar" and "wiosh you were here" shine on was great because they had pics of syd barret in the background, have a cigar is just an enjoyable high tempo rock song. the only disapointment for me had to be wish you were here. it is one of my fav songs and he did not do it justice. only dave gilmour can sing that song decent. he then went into some solo stuff that interestingly bashed george W and tony blair....kinda entertaining. he finished the first set with Vera and sheep.

he came back 15 min later and did the entire darkside of the moon album. all i can say is WOW. every song was excellent, there was an amazing drum solo during "Time" amazing sax solo during "Money" and the female vocalist in "great gig in the sky" sent chills down my back....everyone was speechless after her performance. the final two albums were my favorite and it was a treat to here it live. "brain damage" and "Eclipse" were amazing, when he was done the album i had to sit down b/c i was speechless. he then came back for an encore where he performed "another brick in the wall" which the crowd loved and everyone sang along, almost hauntinly amazing. the night ended with "comfortably numb". i knew this would be the last song so i turned to my friend when it was starting and went NO THIS CANT BE IT. i was having so much fun. the show was almost 3 hours, i was shocked.

my overall thoughts of this show can be summed up by saying amazing. if dave gilmour tours again i am going to see him as well b/c they will never tour together. this was easily one of the best shows i've seen. im reluctant to say it was the best b/c radiohead was pretty damn good, but it was easily top 5.

next show: friday, Chris Cornell!!!! lets see how he matches up with Roger Waters.

July 8th, 2007

04:27 pm: so close, yet so far
i recently found out that i have only 1.5 credits to go before i graduate. so this is my final year at brock :) what will next year bring? i figured i will go the full year because i dont have anything better to do and will probably waste my money on something stupid anyway. i am also planning on working full-time this school year and therefore have extra cash and will then be planning a trip to europe in the summer. all i need to do is find someone who is interested in going with me. i will prob start looking in november and book my flight and such by spring break. so if you interested and are serious about going then send a message this way.

in other news. ive decided to be more healthy and lose some of my "beer" weight. i will prob exercise a lot more and get a gym pass come september (i cant justify getting one now because it is too damn nice out to go inside to work out).

and now its time for sleep.

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July 5th, 2007

09:30 pm: :s
ok so i need $3000 dollars by september for insurance on a car that my parents are giving me. its a nice car...2000 honda accord for those who care, but i also have to pay for school. im in a dilemna. do i need the car?

would it be more convinent?

would it be expensive?
no not really....cheaper then a used car

do i need it?
:s maybe

why do i need it?
-to get to school...oh an extra $250+ for a parking pass (excelllent) oh thats ignoring the 150 that im paying for a bus pass (which i have no choice)
-the gf is going to oakville for school so i want to visit (is it worth 3000 plus gas?)
-random road trips will be possible...but would i actually go with the price of gas?
-sis is getting her liscence so it means that she will want to share the car

so as of right now the pros outway the cons...so if someone has any other ideas please let me know....

as for my life....all is good. i have many concerts
Roger Waters: July 14
Chris Cornell: July 20
Muse: August 1
Incubus: AUgust 2
COllective soul, Live, Counting Crows: August 21

so lots of moneyt is being spent...but its completly worth it!!!!

Quote of the day: "i photoshopped you to have feathers and a bill...get it your a QUACK"---the janitor from SCrubs (aka the greatest show ever)

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July 2nd, 2007

07:07 pm: The answer to the meaning of life is 42!
"there is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."

so can the meaning of life actually be known?

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